I love that much of our country’s collective pride is wrapped up in the fact that so many Canadians weren’t born here but instead chose to live here. Take Sathia D for example, our resident VP of IT at Coril. He and his beautiful wife Wei Pheng, first experienced Canada as foreign students from Malaysia in the 1980s. They each knew that they would one day return and make this great nation their home, and in 1994 became citizens of Canada. All things Canadian including the love for hockey, toques, snow-shoveling, and maple syrup were welcomed experiences…well, maybe not so much snow-shoveling!! Even their young son Ishan is on his way to becoming the next Carey Price as he recently carried his Symons Valley Storm Atom 3 hockey team to first place in the 2017 Esso Minor Hockey Division 4 Atom tournament. “Go Storms Go”

Pam W – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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