We were busy gearing up for Stampede so we hadn’t made a plan for Canada. At the last minute, friends called and asked if we wanted to bike to Princess Island/East Village. We said yes and rode down from the West side. We started at our friend’s condo, who was wearing crazy Canada day pants and put on Canada day stickers. We started to ride our bikes towards Princess Island but the mobs of people were incredible. I was pleasantly shocked how many had ventured down to the area. It was so busy, we had to get off our bikes and walk them. We enjoyed the people, the festivities, all the things going on. Then we rode over to East Village and had a beautiful honey grilled cheese sandwich with ham, and a beer at Sidewalk Citizen cafe. Just as we were finishing lunch, another set of friends joined us —all impromptu. We headed over to Fort Calgary and checked out all the festivities and music there. Next stop was Vagabond for another Canadian beer. Then we headed out to try the newly installed bike lanes! That was so much fun! Then we ended up back at Eau Claire for another Canadian beer. It was such a warm day and fun way to spend with good friends.

Sylvia W – INLIV

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