My CSR staff aren’t scheduled to start handing out candy for another hour or so, but children and their parents are already starting to line up in front of the Customer Service Booth. Each time I look at the line, there are more and more little ones in their costumes excited to receive their bag of treats and willing to wait a while for it. I usually never begin an event earlier than I’d advertised, but children are piling in to the mall from every angle. I make the executive decision to commence the distribution of candy and those who are towards the front of the queue are very relieved. My staff and I had packed more bags of candy than last year to prevent from running out quickly. Although the munchkins are munching away, the parents and guardians seem to be the most appreciative of the mall providing an indoor trick or treating experience. Considering the busy lives of families these days and the chilly October weather, Woodside Square is happy to offer a more efficient and equally enjoyable option for families within our community. We’ll take every opportunity to bring our neighbourhoods closer together during monthly events, such as Halloween, and provide a safe place for all to partake in the year’s most popular celebrations.

Fatima M – Triovest

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