I was born the year of Canada’s Centennial Birthday 1967, so no surprise that this year is a great milestone for Canada and one of those milestone birthdays for me.  I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and spent most of my adult life there as well, all four of our children were are also born and raised there, and starting their families.  Working for the Canadian Pacific Railway for 20 years, I always felt the pride of working for a company with such a rich heritage.   I had the opportunity to spend time in so many locations across Canada and the US, Minnesota being one location that my family and I lived for a number of years.  So when I heard of an opportunity at Loram in Minnesota, a well-known and much respected MOW provider, I embraced it!  I quickly learned that not only do I have a family connection to Calgary but that our shareholders are also Canadian and call Calgary home; in fact I was even more proud to learn the remarkable story of the generations of the Mannix family, critical in the formation of business in Canada.  And keeping true to the spirit of Canada and the support of diversity, we work with so many around the world, providing important equipment and services so other countries can continue to build their histories.

So it goes to show, that no matter where in the world we go as Canadians, we sometimes don’t have to look too far to find that connection home!

Proud to be with Loram and proud to be Canadian!  Je suis fier d’etre une employe de Loram et aussi fier d’etre Canadien!

Susan B – Loram Maintenance of Way, INC.

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