Dirk is Coril’s primary photographer and the nicest guy. Not only does he “touch up” some of our less than perfect photos but also always does little acts of kindness for those in our Group. This past year, my dad, a fellow member of the Coril Group, attended a retirement celebration and hung his coat up in the sea of men’s, size large, black pea coats. When he went to leave, his coat was not there, accidentally swept up by a fellow attendee. The missing coat was not the issue, not only because it was likely purchased in 1975 and due for a replacement, but because his car keys and office keys were in the coat pocket. Dirk overheard the situation and generously offered to drive my parents home. Not long into the car ride, did they realize that he lives in the far south east and was driving in the opposite direction to ensure my parents got home safely. Dirk is talented, generous and polite and therefore a true Canadian and an honorary member of our Coril family. He took this amazing photo from McHugh Bluff after dropping my parents off.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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