While Canada celebrates its 150 year history this year, it’s also forty years ago that I left my home in Ireland and moved to this great country. When I was a very young boy living in Ireland one of my uncles left Ireland to visit a friend in Toronto, when he came back home I still remember looking at the pictures he took, and telling us how great a place Canada was, funny thing is he only spent his time in Toronto, but even as young as I was at that time I truly believe he put the bug in me that one day I was going to leave home for Canada, which I did, May 16th 1977. I can still remember one of my aunts telling my Mom that I would be back home in a month or two, forty years later I’m still here and yes Ireland was where I grew up, but Canada is where I call home and I have never ever regretted leaving as they say in Ireland the “Aul Sod” the only regret I do have is not coming to Canada sooner.

Canada the Greatest Country in the World

Happy 150 Year Birthday…..

John H – Gemini Corporation

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