An important part of my Canada is about my neighbors; some, who like me, have made Calgary our hometown.  Raising our families, shoveling snow-off each other’s sidewalks (let it not snow too soon!), and more importantly, enjoying that quintessential Canadian summer past time – the BBQ.  I recently had the opportunity to experience a Paella cook out at one of my neighbors’ home whose family is originally from Chile. The Paella, as I understand it, is a communal dish rooted in Spain, filled with sea food, rice, vegetables, and made over an open fire pit. Once cooked, it is shared around the fire with everyone taking a serving, while telling stories, sharing culture, tasting good food and enjoying a cold beverage. This reminds me about the strength in community through food and friendship. So, let’s keep cooking together Canada and Happy 150th!

Sathia D – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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