Dear Pam of 2067,

At the time of writing this letter, I have just celebrated my 26th year of working with the Coril Group of Companies and its 119th year in business. Much has changed during this time, I have witnessed major technology advancements, participated in several acquisitions, and, the evolution of the Group in general. This fast pace of change has offered me numerous experiences in various roles, as well as the opportunity to work with many exceptionally talented individuals who have taught me so much along the way.

We all make career plans, set goals and dreams, however, life doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes, that’s a good thing. There have been many instances during my tenure where I was perhaps not the best suited individual to take on a certain task or project, but with determination, good intentions and a large cheering squad, I was presented an opportunity to try something different. These experiences were not provided to set me up for failure, but rather to help me grow and uncover new talents I might not have otherwise discovered.

The Coril Group culture is unique, not only because it is a family company, but because it truly lives by its core values of Trust, Integrity and Accountability. Through prudent management, leadership development and the ongoing pursuit of “Perpetuating the Businesses” for future generations, the Group is sure to exceed another 119 years!!

My advice to you is… embrace every opportunity with conviction and determination; never limit yourself or lower your expectations of what you aspire to accomplish; learn from your failures as they don’t define you, they only help build character; and always give someone a second chance. But most importantly, I hope you find joy in the simple things, know that the material aspects of life are not what matter, and treasure all of your past experiences as they were the building blocks of who you are today.

Life is about change, learning and growing as you go, so remember… life will always throw you curve balls, and that’s okay!


Pam of 2017

Pam W – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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