I fell in love with Canada when I studied at University of Calgary as an exchange student from Hong Kong. When I first stepped out of the Calgary Airport, I was looking for directions and so many people offered help. This has become my experience every day in Canada. Every Canadian is so friendly and kind.

I have been very lucky ever since. I met my Canadian husband and decided to stay in Calgary for good. I work in an amazing company with coworkers that I absolutely love and regard as my second family. My company truly cares about my personal growth, health and happiness on top of my job performance. The most touching moment for me was when my boss and coworkers surprised me with a decorated office after my Canadian citizenship ceremony. It was seriously the best day of my life to become a part of this incredible and amazing country.

I am proud to be a Canadian every day and feel very privileged to be able to give back by volunteering and helping other new immigrants, and exercise my rights to vote.

Thank you Canada and fellow Canadians from the bottom of my heart! Happy 150th birthday!

Wing C – V Strategies Inc. (Coril Partner)

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