I grew up in the Yukon, just outside of Whitehorse.

My parents are both originally from England, but once my dad decided to backpack around the world and discovered Whitehorse, he fell in love with the land and decided to build a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere 30 miles outside of Whitehorse. About nine months later, he brought my mom and older sister over. That made me the first Canadian born in my family.

My sister and I had quite a childhood! There was no running water or electricity, and we had a stove and small fridge that ran off of propane. There were fresh eggs every day from our chickens and a large garden for growing our vegetables. We lived the story of actually having to walk two miles every day to catch the school bus each way, along with an hour-long bus ride to school. Collecting and storing wood during the summer months was necessary to ensure we had enough for the winter. I remember when I was about ten years old, we built a larger cabin, which included a small generator to power dad’s small machine shop where he built a steam locomotive that is now in England as part of a children’s ride at a local park.

I moved to Calgary from the Yukon 15 years ago and love being in this vibrant city and working for such an amazing company.

Tania B – Triovest

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