Nearly 20 years ago the field crew needed to be able to see and hear a machine coming down the track next to them. Myself and another electrician were asked to take parts that were given to us, and design a signal. Thus the first Loram Hot Rail System was installed on Rail Grinder 15. There was a cab, 6 grind cars, 2 water cars and 1 caboose.

On these cars we had to put Hot Rail Boxes on every ladder, both sides of the grinder, and a Hot Rail Button in both A & B cabs as well as the caboose.  We put blue strobes on each car, and both sides of the water cars. We also had to put PA speakers on both sides of each car. Finally, we had to keep it all at “C” Plate (nothing wider than the ladders on the machine and nothing higher than the highest point of the machine). We started out with AC power; If the generator goes out, there is no AC power, so we had to go to DC power. Myself and two other electricians worked from 7:00am until 5:30am the next day to get it completed before the Rail Grinder left at 6AM the same morning. And It Did!!

Everything that happens at Loram is thanks to Ron Mannix and the Mannix Family. Thank You Ron!

Dale H – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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