My son was born nearly 4 years ago. His arrival into the world was a bit of a struggle and he had the cord wrapped around his neck 4 times. As a result, he was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Rockyview Hospital.

I had to leave the hospital without my new baby- it was a very difficult time and although he was only in there for 4 days- it felt like a lifetime.

The only thing that kept us going was the nurses and the comfort of the NICU. So many babies were born premature or had other health concerns – they had to stay for weeks and sometimes months before being discharged. Our Daniel was just a little tired from his journey- we were so lucky.

He and I do the Sport Chek Mother’s Day race each year. We raise money to help the other families who have to stay at the hospital, or worse, have to go home, while their baby gets well.

Daniel loves this race. He has snacks in this stroller and yells ‘go mommy go’ whenever I slow down. I’ve been pushing him for nearly 4 years now- he’s gotten quite heavy!

Triovest matches the money we raise and every penny counts! I feel so blessed to work at a company that cares about the community. That’s what Canada really stands for too!

We raise each other up and lend a hand where we can.

Next year, I think Daniel will ride his bike while I run the race – it’s my favourite way to spend Mother’s Day.

Amanda B – Triovest

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