I grew up in Seal Cove, White Bay, Newfoundland (population approximately 500 at the time). Seal Cove is located on the east side of White Bay, on the east side of Newfoundland’s northern peninsula. It is a beautiful, tiny town where wildlife and icebergs were regular sightings throughout the year.

As a little girl, I was both fascinated by and terrified of the wharf. It’s where lots of action was, with men and boys coming and going in their boats, and cleaning, filleting, and sometimes smoking, fish. It was also the place I was warned not to step without one of my parents for fear of falling in the water. Whenever I would see my father pull into our wharf, I would run to meet the boat. One day when I met them, my father had been out squid jigging and had a fantastic haul of squid with him. After he cleaned the squid, he asked me to help him lay the squid out on nets to dry. So, I helped him lay out probably 25-50 slippery squid. When it dries it’s kind of a squid jerky which we would roast in the oven and then tear into strips to snack on – delicious!!

Sometime later (I can’t remember how long it takes to dry!) he presented me with a crisp $20 bill. He had sold the dried squid in a nearby town, and presented me my pay for helping to lay them out to dry. I was rich! My parents took me to The Bank of Nova Scotia in the same nearby town, where I used that $20 bill to open my first bank account – an account that I still have today.

Lisa M – Triovest

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