St Paul Alberta is my home town, it has the world’s first UFO landing pad. It was built for the 1967 celebration of Canada’s 100’th birthday. The story goes that a large circle was to be built in the recreation area for a play area. When the company making it (CarOuells) had meetings over drinks – their minds started working. Let’s get creative “Let us erect this landing pad above the ground in a kind of mushroom shape, and invite the Martians and other outer-space creatures to land on it” The landing pad has a map of Canada and It also hosts a vault to be opened in 2067. They were rewarded for their hard work as all materials and work were donated by local companies. St. Paul was proclaimed the Centennial Star by John Fisher Canada’s Centennial Commissioner during 1967.

Being a child in grade 2 that year we had songs and school celebrations galore for the centennial year, and to cap off the end of the year celebrations we had a day out at the UFO landing pad with a picnic and games for the whole school. It is nice to see that they have kept that special place alive. They have added a mascot “Zoot” the Martian to the ambiance as well as a UFO space ship as the tourism office. If you are ever in NE Alberta drop by to see this one of a kind piece.

Diane Y – The Crossing

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