As many from rural Saskatchewan can attest, the closest town could not supply all the services that we needed, so we ended up having several hometowns. As an example, I was born and visited the doctor and dentist in Moosomin, went to school and church in Maryfield, played hockey in Fairlight and hauled grain to, picked up the mail and went to community picnics in Ryerson. My favourite story comes from hometown Fairlight, Saskatchewan where my hockey career started. It was a very small town with a shrinking catchment area and farming community. Where Saskatchewan championship hockey teams had played in times past, there was now barely enough players to ice a team. When I was 12, the Fairlight Mighty Seven played the whole season with seven players (including the goalie). On the bench would be Coach Jack and one player, one-to-one coaching at its best. We would play teams from the booming metropolises of Wawota and Redvers and they would have three lines and two goalies dressed. The short players benches at the Fairlight Arena would be packed on the visitor side but have room to spare on the home bench. The whole town would come out to eat the best rink burgers and support seven boys. It would be nice to say that we crushed all the opposition and won the league trophy, but we didn’t. However, we held our own and were always able to beat our class mates who played for Maryfield which made for interesting Monday mornings banter at school. Many hometowns for different reasons, wonderful memories.

David M – Triovest

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