Most people think I was born in Halifax since that is where I grew up and the majority of my family still lives there. I was actually born in St. John’s, NL and am extremely proud of the fact that I have a Newfoundland birth certificate. I only lived there until I was three years old when my family moved back to Halifax. We don’t have any relations in Newfoundland as my family has always lived in Nova Scotia and so I never had a reason to go visit. Every five years I try to do something special for my birthday and five years ago I decided to go back and visit my birthplace….St. John’s. I had heard the story from my parents that there was a statue of a Portuguese Explorer who landed in St. John’s in 1501. I always called this statue “my man”, which is probably why no man has come close in real life. Well, when I visited five years ago, that was truly the only item on my agenda, to go visit my man and it was wonderful to take in such a beautiful monument near Confederation Building. Gaspar Corte-Real never returned to Portugal and is thought to have been lost at sea while exploring but will forever be remembered in Newfoundland and with me.

Tanya GS – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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