What does the Foghorn, the Kayak, and the multi-touch screen have in common? They are all stories of innovation by Canadians and First Nations people of Canada. These are among the 150 innovations listed in a book titled “Ingenious – How Canadian Innovators Made the World”, co-authored by His Excellency David Johnston, Governor-General of Canada and Tom Jenkins, a corporate titan in the business community. The book celebrates Canada’s 150th Anniversary and more information can be found at I recently had the great fortune to attend a corporate innovation conference where His Excellency the Governor General and Mr. Jenkins were invited speakers and had the privilege to hear their inspiring stories of curiosity, creativity, collaboration, community, and celebration. We are truly a nation of humble innovators. Here’s wishing another 150 years of impacting the world. Happy 150th Canada!

Sathia D – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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