15 years ago we left everything behind, family, friends and country, and moved to Canada. The country that accepted us with open arms, where people smile at you for no reason and where we felt at home right away.

It should’ve been scary and intimidating but somehow it wasn’t. The people make it seem easy and fun, the same people that came together to help those affected by the Calgary flood in 2013. One call was all it took and thousands of people volunteered including Triovest employees, to help those in need. Companies offered resources and personnel on their own dime, and no effort was spared to make everything right again.

I am proud to be called a Canadian, and I am proud to be working for a company that values people and their differences and supports charities across Canada.

I am proud to be working with people that offer their time and money to help others, even though they may not have much more.

The one charity that I am most proud of and where I am volunteering with an amazing group of women from work is Made by Momma, a charity providing wholesome nourishment and nurturing care to mothers and young children facing situations of adversity and crisis. They help families by providing healthy homemade meals, wholesome baked goods, baby essentials, children’s items, supportive in-home visitors and other services to allow mothers the time they need to rest, recover and focus on their families and their health.

These and much more make me happy to be able to call Canada my home.

Maria M – Triovest

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