Dear SD-2067,

According to my watch, which by the way has evolved to a pocket-sized communication device called a smartphone, it is November 1, 2017. And the reason you are, perhaps, reading this note rather than holographically interacting with my commentary, is because the notion of AI-enabled entities (artificial intelligent “avatar”) are not yet ubiquitous nor a consumer product. I imagine that these notions of technology are a bigger part of your present day world with far more exciting advancements in the horizons impacting work, family, and personal experiences. Nevertheless, I humbly submit it as simple perspective of our present day (your past) looks like.

Although I am from the baby-boom generation with over 30 yrs. working with digital technology, I am not a digital native. That honor goes to my dear colleagues of the millennial generation who, in 2017, are early in their careers and continue to inspire me and build the foundations of a digital era; technologies and platforms that you will take for granted and accept as “it’s always been that way”. To be clear, if ever on reflection you are wondering why your immediate predecessors appear “set in their ways”, or “old-fashioned”, remember to search Google… ah, sorry, ask your personal avatar, about millennials.

It has and continues to be an honor and privilege for me to be working, over 20+ years now, for an outfit that transcends generations. The opportunities and challenges that we, the Coril Group, faced may be different from yours, yet I believe the values that this organization holds high will be a common thread. Most importantly, collectively, we strive to create our future, honor our roots, and manage our present, each day. Be well.

Sathia Durai

Sathia D – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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