Does anyone else have trouble saying Sesquicentennial? Even when I sound it out like a 5 year old I have trouble…

Writing on this eve of a centennial I half find myself thinking not about the last 150 but the next stretch of the same. It makes me think of my kids and their kids. In short, how lucky they are!

Sure, Canada is a cultural mosaic, secure, beautiful and a land of opportunity but to me I see it as a healthy debate. Arbitrary? Sure, but that’s what it is; and that’s fantastic!

Canada’s a place where no matter who or what you are, you can be heard and disagreed with in a respectful way. You can be what you want to be. You can think and say what you feel necessary without fear of repercussion (within reason, of course, which is also up for debate…).

To me, this puts Canada at the top of the list of countries that will drive the world into the future. Why? Because debate is fundamentally required to put the best ideas of a collection of thinkers and doers to work. Thoughts that aren’t respectfully heard and challenged tend not to produce the best ideas. The best ideas are what innovate. This doesn’t just apply to industry either. It matters for health. It matters for education. It matters for social innovation too.

Because of what Canada is, I’m betting it’s going to be a leader in creating the tools, tech and thinkers that drive humanity’s advance. It will continue to attract those who are looking for the best place to live, which will continue to drive us as a country. That’s why our kids are so lucky. Like us, they will get to participate daily in the great Canadian debate; and reap the benefits at the same time.

Happy Canada Day!

Mike M – Triovest

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