Growing up, Dad frequently took us on tours of the Group’s various operations including mines, oil and gas facilities, real estate, and railway equipment. Dad, Mike and I are seen in the picture on one such adventure visiting a Loram Badger Ditcher circa summer 1993.

Safety has long been stressed as a value in the Group, and often put that it is “Safety First, Last, and Always.” Although in decades past, this did not exclude children from climbing over working equipment, in sneakers, on active railway lines!

Visits of this sort always left a big impression on us. Typically, the accompanying executives were very stressed and hoped that nothing would go wrong as we made several visits, at multiple sites, over successive days. Meanwhile, the workers invariably beamed with pride touring their well-maintained machines and efficient operations, and took comfort knowing that professionally delivering, like they did every day, would ensure success.

Steve M – Triovest

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