“We spend the day learning about archery, I did not know that one small arrow would have pieces like the fletching, the shaft, the nock and the arrowhead. We had to have patience trying to line up the arrow, hold it in place and try not to snap the line on your arm. We tried, and tried to hit our targets, some winning shots, some not. It was a fun day of comradery as we cheered each other on. Who knew Cassandra would take down the big pink bear!”

“The time we spent with Tracey, Tim and Darren was extremely rewarding as we learned about the herbal plants that are readily available and how to use a bow and arrow properly. We started the day with the correct way to do a smudge and prayer. A delicious sun treated traditional herbal sweet tea finished our time with the team at Painted Warrior. Overall a great day out with our team.”

“Applying our newly learned archery skills while walking in the woods and “hunting” big game Canadian wildlife. To top it off, my arrow hit the notorious and fierce pink bear.”

“What a fun afternoon!! Tracey, Tim and Darren were great hosts and teachers. After some practice in the barn shooting arrows, we “graduated” and went outside “hunting” wild animals, including deer, sheep and bison. We all got a chance to shoot the 3-D foam animals that were scattered around the property. It is certainly not as easy as it looks, some arrows went wide, some were short, but every so often one would hit the target with great cheers from all of the participants. A stop at the Water Valley Saloon for some food and a beverage finished off a wonderful afternoon.”

The Crossing Team


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