When I walked into my first day of work with a pink mohawk, I wasn’t really sure how the audience would respond. I mean, I’m used to the stage, but really. First day?

I’m going to Tarantino this plot for you…I’ve been volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House of Southern Alberta for over 3 years now in various capacities and it was a no brainer when their annual Hair Massacure in partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation came up and I was asked to pink my hair to help raise awareness for families and children with life threatening illnesses.

See, in my head I thought “You’re no friend of mine if you bawk at a guy that’s doing something for charity…” but deep down there was still that element of “Oh man, they might just tell me to go home and stay there.”

I’m not sure why I ever thought that. I was greeted with open arms by all staff and actually got quite a few compliments on the doo. It was a powerful conversation piece and heck, I was already the new dude on the team, so it made it almost an easier transition into the team. It was only a few days later when it became clear to me why I was greeted with such a welcoming spirit by my fellow INmates. INLIV believes strongly in community, humanism, giving back and volunteering – all incredibly important values I share. Besides, the mohawk is kind of my thing now, it’s a trademark, a conversation piece and most importantly it signifies my integration with an incredibly open-hearted family at INLIV.

Mike S – INLIV

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