Through chatting with colleagues and friends about their 2017 summer vacations, I realized that people most often travel outside of Canada for their summer getaways – travelling to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Montana, Hawaii or even all the way to Europe. It seems quite seldom that people choose somewhere in Canada for a holiday. And why not? Canada is the second largest country in the world, creating so many different landscapes, topographies, climates and populations to explore. From the Pacific shores of British Columbia to the Atlantic shores of the Maritimes there is so much to see in this beautiful country.

My family and I had the opportunity to explore a little piece of Canada just this past weekend when we attended my cousin’s wedding on Prince Edward Island. It is an amazing little province that felt like worlds away from the Canada we were accustomed to. From the crisp salt water air, the chilly Atlantic Ocean, fresh seafood and little lighthouses, we enjoyed every minute of what felt like our exotic vacation.

Considering the current economy and the unfortunate exchange rate, it’s a great time to support local tourism and explore our own country.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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