My uncle immigrated from India when he was 1 1/2 years of age in 1924. He is a respected businessman and an outstanding citizen in BC. He started a mill in 1962 on Mitchell Island. He now owns three sawmills, one of which is in Washington.

He has a strong focus on philanthropy, and generously donates to various worthwhile causes and organizations, as well as routinely matching public donations to fundraising campaigns.

He focuses much of his philanthropy on education and is currently funding two UBC fellowships in forestry among other financial aid programs at the university.

My uncle has been donating to the B.C. Children’s Hospital over 27 years after his grandson at a young age had ITP a very rare bleeding disorder disease in which the immune system destroys platelets which are necessary for normal blood clotting.

He also donated land and substantial funding to build a Gurdwara on Highway to Heaven (No.5 Road) in Richmond.

He’s been awarded with an Order of BC and an Order of Canada. In addition, he was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Law by UBC for his generosity and community service.

My uncle is now 94 years old and continues to be a generous, gracious and honest man, and therefore a true Canadian. Every day I am not only thankful to have him as my uncle, but to live in a country that inspires its citizens to help each other and a country that recognizes the generosity of those who do so.

Paula S – Triovest

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