Do you know the secret of the Red Chairs? The first time I saw them (they always seem to come in pairs, like rabbits) was while snowshoeing at Marble Canyon. It seemed pretty random. Two red Adirondack chairs halfway up the slope in the middle of a field of snow, and two people sitting there enjoying the view and having a hot drink.

But it turns out it’s not a secret or random.

Parks Canada’s Red Chairs Experience Program is an attempt to entice people all over Canada to “seek out the Red Chairs to enjoy these special places and to share their experience through social media and other communication channels.” It’s not part of the Canada 150 Celebration, but it’s good timing, eh? They have placed iconic red Adirondack chairs in parks all over Canada. Last weekend we met a couple of American tourists at the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff (there are Red Chairs there), got to talking, and told them about the red chairs. They were intrigued and were ready to set off across Canada to find them all. Are these people on permanent vacation??! I don’t know how many there are, but the word zillions comes to mind. I would also like to try my hand at finding more Red Chairs to sit in – they are in the best possible spots, and mostly pretty easy to get to. I’ve found just 4 so far, all in Banff National Park. How many can I find in one day? There are 7 National Parks and Historic Sites in Alberta with Red Chairs, so I won’t have to go far to get started on my quest. Maybe a photo gallery of Red Chair Moments would be a good way to chronicle my Canadian experience.

Have you sat in a Red Chair yet?

Amy N – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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