As a young graduate from the University of Calgary looking for a career in exercise physiology I “lucked” into the opportunity of a life time [literally]! In 1979 I joined Foothills Health Consultants and met Dr. Derrick Thompson who soon became much more than my employer – he was my friend, my mentor and towards the end, my business partner. Derrick was a visionary in the world of medicine he pioneered many programs that changed the way corporations addressed the health of their employees and he touched the lives of thousands of Calgaryians as a specialist in internal medicine. But his visionary ways didn’t stop with innovations in medicine. He also loved the land and was inspired by the landscapes of southern Alberta where he grew up. He believed strongly in the importance of these landscapes for their ability to support clean water, wildlife and our heritage. Later in his life he was involved in efforts to conserve these valuable lands and pursued the linkages between human and ecological health. Including the sustainable production of healthy foods. WOW if you knew him, even just a little, you always considered yourself lucky and if you never got to meet him I hope you are inspired to be involved in building a strong, healthy, and vibrant community just as he did. He is truly missed – everyday.

My mentor, my friend!

Kelly B – INLIV

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