Three years ago, Triovest Calgary began participating in the Roll Up the Rim for Charity challenge executed by a local radio station, X92.9FM.

How it works:
The Social Committee buys everyone a hot beverage of their choice and distributes it to the office. If you win an edible item, you return your tab to the Social Committee who sends it to the radio station. They then distribute it to the various soup kitchens and shelters in the city to those who really need it.  If you win a car, TV or something equally fabulous – you get to keep it!

This is obviously a very popular event among the staff.  This year we sent back 20 tabs which is better than a 1 in 6 odds!

Coincidently, the Coril 150 video aired the same day as our Roll Up the Rim for Charity – we were all treated to the video explaining the initiative plus CORIL150 t-shirts and flags which are proudly displayed throughout the office.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Amanda B – Triovest

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