A couple of years ago, as a community team building event, Coril participated in Habitat for Humanity. The day started off fairly calm, with small painting assignments to installing insulation.  After the initial “warm-up” the day quickly progressed into a full blown, labour intensive workout!!  From carrying large sheets of drywall upstairs, transporting cabinets off of a flatbed truck, to learning how to and using a circular saw to cut baseboards!   By the end of the day, and into the next couple of days, it was a common sight around the office to see various staff members wincing as they walked or groaning as they tried to move their arms.

We were surprised to hear that most, if not all, of the site instructors are volunteer retired trades’ people or individuals with a little extra time in their schedule who choose to give back to the community.  Not only should these individuals be commended on their commitment to community, but for their patience to work with rookies like us.

Kidding aside, the day was amazing, and we all walked away with a whole new appreciation for what Habitat does for our community and the hero efforts they perform on a daily basis.  This experience also helped me discover talents I didn’t know I had outside of the computer, inspiring me to try installing drywall in my own home.

This year, on June 15th, The Coril Team will once again be donating their time and muscles to Habitat for Humanity.  Let’s hope we are in a little better shape this time around.

Kirby M – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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