If you see a need in society – do something about it – I did!

The year was 1995 the government of Alberta had just cut the funding to sport for Albertans [again] and the Provincial KidSport Program was on the chopping block! Not happy about another funding cut, but even more upset about the many underserved kids in Alberta who will not have the opportunity to play a season of a sport they love, my colleague and I started The KidSport Society of Alberta. What is the value of sport to society you ask? Well it goes well beyond the playing fields, the pools and the gyms. In fact it has been well proven that kids who play sports achieve higher education, are less likely to get in trouble with the law and are healthier in general. The statistics indicate that 1 in 10 Alberta kids live in poverty – that is about 140,000 kids!

With over 300 hardworking volunteers in 39 communities across Alberta, KidSport has helped over 92,000 kids to date by supporting their dreams of playing a season of sport.

KidSport so all Kids Can Play

Kelly B – INLIV

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