In January 2004, my husband and were thrilled to be travelling to Haiti, not for the warm weather but because we were on our way pick-up Monique and Joey (2-year old twins). We were, finally after more than 2 years, bringing them home to Canada to join our 8-year old son, Mac. He was so incredibly excited to finally meet them and to have a sister and brother of his own. The plan was to spend a week in Haiti, settling in with Monique and Joey then we would travel home through Montreal. It started off as an amazing adventure and we were full of anticipation – to see the twins and Haiti. However, shortly after arriving we came to appreciate how wonderful our home of Canada was…we heard gun shots in the middle of the night and chaos on the streets as a coup broke out in Haiti. We kept the twins close by at all times and counted the days until we were to leave. The day we left, we heard that flights into Haiti were now being restricted and we wondered if we would be able to get home. The drive to the airport was tense as we crossed our fingers that we would be able to get home – it turned out we had one of the last flights out of Haiti home to Canada along with a few other recently united families. When we landed in Montreal, we were so happy to be welcomed home to a brisk -35C winter evening with tears streaming our little ones faces as they experienced their first ever winter day. Since that time they have had many brisk winter days, many of them racing down the ski slopes with all their Canadian-born buddies. You rarely appreciate the freedom and safety we have in this great country – in fact we often take it for granted until faced with the possibility of losing it. Appreciate every day in Canada!

Deanna Z – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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