During a walk through our treed property yesterday, October 7th I was suddenly stricken by the gratitude that IS living in Canada. It feels sometimes that with each passing week the world out there gets a little more off center, and is just plum crazy at times….and that’s only from the tragedy we hear about. I have the amazing opportunity to live in the countryside; where the birds sing, the coyotes howl and wildlife is the scariest thing outside my door. My 3 kids and I were on a nature adventure as we like to call them (a walk in the woods) and I suddenly reflected on the sadness around the world. It could have been the beauty of the fall through all the trees, or it could have been the Large Bull Moose encounter that startled me and my kids.

But WHAT an encounter?!?! How many other people get so see a creature like that so close up (even though I was shaking in my boots).

Thanksgiving 2018 will be like no other to so many others; and while nothing in particular has significantly changed in my life….I am taking EXTRA care to be Thankful this year.

I am Thankful live in a country that allows me the peace to not wake to war everyday. I am Thankful for a healthy family and 3 beautiful children. I am Thankful for friends and family, for gatherings, laughs and being able to relax and enjoy food, drink and stories. I am Thankful that my husband and I found the amazing property we call home (Moose, Skunk, Porcupine and Garter Snake encounters included), and look forward to it providing a life long place of adventures for us and for the family as it grows in the future.

We sometimes joke about our first world problems; but this Thanksgiving I am giving them a voice and realizing that it is no joke. We have a blessed life, living in an amazing country. We work hard, we play, and sometimes we forget to stop and realize just how sheltered we can feel sometimes. So although I never planned to have that moment yesterday, and although it’s not like me to share in this manner – this year, this Thanksgiving something is telling me its just right to stop and say THANK-YOU to the universe.

Tasha C – Gemini Corporation

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