“I am so cold!” My wife looked at me and asked me if I wanted to leave. We had already been waiting for about half an hour outside with at least 500 of our closest friends to get into the Great Canadian Sports Bar. It was 3:30 am and the temperature a balmy -24 degrees Celsius (-11 Fahrenheit). “Not a chance” I said, “Not now.”

You may ask what could possibly inspire a group of people to stand outside in the freezing cold in the dark hours of the morning? One word: Hockey. Or at least in Canada. The 2014 Men’s Olympic Gold Medal game was being played in Sochi, Russia that morning. Liquor laws had been relaxed across the entire country so that people could go to bars and pubs and take in the game. TV ratings estimated that at least 15 million people took in the game or 40% of the nation.

While Canada won the gold medal it’s not that part that I recall fondly. It’s was the high fiving strangers; it’s the fact that the whole country spontaneously came together to share in a moment; and yes I recall somewhat fondly standing outside in the freezing cold.

Brian O – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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