The 2017 summer went by too quick as the summer months were the last few months I could officially call my 4 year old a little baby as of September he will be an independent boy. A boy who will learn to make friends and learn new things. The days leading up to his first day of his new daycare and school I was more nervous of how I would handle the change. All I kept thinking was how I want his clothes and lunch to be perfect and get him there on time. How I want to make his mornings stress free so he goes to school feeling happy. As it turned out on his very first day he looked up at me and said “Mami its ok you’ll pick me up right, so I’ll be home in no time”. I was going to cry right then and there but he was so excited it made me excited as well.

I can’t believe the summer is over but we enjoyed every minute of it playing in the spray parks, and rolling down the windows and singing out load to his favorite songs.

I look forward to what the fall and winter will bring and I will hold tight to my 1 and ½ year old daughter as she has many years to go before I relive the nervousness of the very first day of school!

Veronica A – Triovest

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