Surviving a Canadian (Newfoundland) childhood in the 70s

Growing up in the 70s could be described as neglectful by today’s parental standards. However, I survived with many bumps and bruises along the way but lots of fun memories.

My dad believed kids should be outside while the sun was shining and no such thing as watching television or playing video games.

Tobogganing down a steep curvy hill on a car “bonnet” not quite making the turn and ending up smacking into a large tree. I went home with a goose egg bump on the front of my forehead but no emergency room visit for me – just told to be more careful.

Growing up in St. Johns, Nfld. our winters were ones to remember. Waking up to snow drifts that buried our house would be scary but not for us, we found a way to have fun while digging ourselves out. Then we’d climb on the roof of the house and jump off into the beautiful deep snow wow! What a blast! Can you say snow day!

Growing up in Nfld. our dad would take us cod fishing down by the wharf. We were tiny little girls and I wanted to fish so bad so my dad gave me a fishing rod. I was so excited I put the hook in the water and within seconds I caught a 40lb. cod – I was maybe 50 lbs myself and if my dad wasn’t quick on his feet that cod would have hooked me right into the ocean but in the end, I caught the biggest fish that day. My siblings were so jealous.

We were always playing board games. One day I was playing Mastermind with my sister and dad kicked us out of the kitchen to play in another room well I was so afraid of my sister cheating I backed up away from the table holding the game and hiding my moves so my sister couldn’t see. As I was backing up I didn’t see that my dad had the basement hatch door open and my sister was trying to tell me to stop. I thought “oh no you’re not seeing my moves”. Well I should have stopped – she looked on in horror as I fell down the hatch still holding the game with all the pieces flying in the air. I swear my back still hurts to this very day.

We really didn’t know the dangers of hitchhiking back in the 70s. I was in kindergarten and decided I didn’t want to walk home so I put my thumb out and lucky me this friendly person picked me up – wow the thumb works just like how my older brothers showed me. This friendly lady drove me right to my front door and proudly told my dad how I managed the ride home. I couldn’t sit for a week – I never stuck my thumb out ever again!

Kim R – Triovest

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