As Canadians we are so blessed with the land and the beauty in which we live. We live mostly without fears that many in other parts of the world endure on a daily basis. Our freedom of speech, livelihood and travel are just a few of the wonderful things that we experience as Canadians, new and old. Our landscapes are truly inspiring and allow us to go out and enjoy our wilderness whenever we are inspired to communicate with nature. We know how to enjoy a warm summer day, the beauty of fall, the crispness of the cold and white winters with a Chinook sprinkled in for good measure, and we look forward to the hope of spring to start the cycle again. I am Thankful to being surrounded by good people that encourage me on a daily basis and don’t even know that they are doing this.
Have a wonder-filled Thanksgiving and be joyful for our many blessings.

Carol P – The Crossing

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