This year for Thanksgiving my siblings and I decided to fly “home” to Kelowna for the holiday to spend time with our parents. My father will be turning 94 this coming January, and we thought it would be nice for him to experience a Thanksgiving like back in the “olden days” with all of us kids at the table. This however meant that I would be leaving my husband and kids behind to fend for themselves. In the days leading up to my departure, my family expressed their concerns about me abandoning them and how they now would have to go without the traditional feast of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and most importantly pumpkin pie!! My guilt got the best of me, and the day before I left I prepared a special pre-Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixings.

With our busy schedules these days, it’s difficult to find the time to come together as a family and share a meal. So despite the hard work of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for my culinary impaired family, it was worth it. I am so thankful for the cherished moments when we do manage to come together, however rare they may be… and in the end, I was the luckiest one as I got to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners!

Pam W – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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