This past January, I began planning to build a bit of a ‘cottage’ in my backyard. I had some space that I wasn’t using and thought how great it would be to have somewhere cozy to go!

I began to collect items, I wanted to build it as cost effective as possible, reusing items, and making good use of all my resources.

In March, I won the $150 gift card from Coril for my story on my family’s inukshuk. I used that card on a trip to Home Depot for supplies that couldn’t be reused items. I then went to my friends farm and collected over 60 pieces of barn board that I traded homemade jam, pies and some wine for. The base was ready. I finished it in mid- June and waited for my dad to arrive to finish the roof in August.

Prior to his arrival, I began to think about furniture. I knew everything was on sale at the stores but thought maybe I could make it. I called a contractor friend and asked him if he had any scrap wood- and he did. One Friday I picked it all up and by Sunday had a couch and 2 chairs.

My dad came, we build the roof and finished the furniture. Making tables from tree ‘cookies’ from our lake back in Ontario and voila! ‘The backyard living room’ was complete.

Not only am I so proud, but thrilled to have hosted a movie night with my son and his little friends, a girls night by the fire and many weekend mornings reading with a cup of Tim Hortons.

I am so thankful this thanksgiving knowing I have the skill and can-do attitude to get this done– in addition to knowing the right people to help.


Amanda B – Triovest

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