Every five years employees of the Loram group of companies are formally recognized for their service to the organization. A major milestone in this progression of anniversaries is to be inducted into the Quarter Century Club at a formal luncheon held every September.

A brief excerpt from the 2017 Inductee Luncheon program reads as follows:
“When this unique club of individuals was formed in September 1988, the membership included 176 living men and women. Since then an additional 194 living members and 24 posthumous members have been identified and honoured. Today we are very pleased to add nine more individuals to its ranks, bringing the member ship to 403.”

Another excerpt from the program is as follows:
“Since the early 1990’s, in conjunction with the Quarter Century Club annual luncheon, we have held a special breakfast for our employees who reach the incredible milestone in their careers of 40 years of service.

This year we have a new member to add to this elite group. On September 22, 2017 we welcomed Mr. Henry Neufeld, Development Consultant at Triovest Realty Advisors Inc. to the 40 Year Breakfast Club. This distinguished group of individuals now numbers 36…”

It is with great pride and humility that I have served the Loram group of companies for 40 years in various capacities and I now look forward to a long and healthy retirement.

Perhaps I will join another breakfast club in the near future…at my neighbourhood Tim Horton’s outlet.

Henry N – Triovest

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