Our family has a little cabin in Eureka, Montana, only a four hour drive from Calgary. Every year on the last weekend of August, there is a local rodeo called The Bull Thing. It has only bull riding events and attracts top cowboys from the US North-West. It’s at the town rodeo grounds which features two bleachers on either end, and a hill on one side across from the corrals. One of the bleachers was deemed The Canadian Section about 10 years ago – a fellow Calgarian would buy all the bleacher seats, sell them to friends and donate the extra proceeds to charity. It is a great event to not only enjoy a unique, close to the action, experience but to socialize with friends from Calgary. This year, there was no Canadian Section as another local group outbid the Canadian contingent for the bleacher seats. Many people were disappointed and didn’t attend, however several families still went and we sprawled on the hill mixed in with the locals, tourists, kids and Canadians alike. It was a great night as we wedged the heels of our boots into the hill to keep from sliding down and kept our hands free for tallboy Buds. It was a great opportunity to not only watch some wild rides but also to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones as well.

John T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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