The Canada Gate in London forms part of the Queen Victoria Memorial just outside Buckingham Place. Back in 1911, this Gate was gifted to Great Britain in order for Canada to celebrate its collaboration and contributions to the then British Empire. The Canada Gate bears the emblems of the seven Canadian provinces of the time.

During a recent trip to the United Kingdom, I was privileged enough to have visit this iconic monument. This trip was made possible by Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc., as I was tasked to visit Loram UK Limited in order to help with the alignment of both entities. It was an honor to have been chosen to be part of this business opportunity. As my career with Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. continues to grow, I will continue to contribute my efforts and collaborate with several integral employees within both organizations. I want to support both Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. and Loram UK Limited in order to achieve the goal of the most successful, safest, best in class organization.

Stacey P – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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