The majority of my Canada Days have been spent as an excuse to celebrate with friends and drinks. Never had I considered what the real significance and importance behind the day was until this year.

Contrary to my usual way of spending the holiday, I found myself eating the day away. It first started with eating some Quebec style croissants. Easily the most delicious I had ever tried. Later in the afternoon we had some rolled ice cream which originates from Thai culture. Lastly, we had Caribbean style chicken for dinner.

At the end of all the eating I was able to reflect on how this food was representative of Canada and all the different cultures and traditions that we have here. We live in a place where there is the opportunity to be immersed and introduced to new and exciting foods.

It is something I took for granted up until that day when I realized just how lucky we really are.

The day ended with some full tummies and a grand fireworks show.

Lorena H – INLIV

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