I moved from Regina, Saskatchewan at the beginning of the May to complete the last step of my degree in kinesiology in Calgary. To fulfill the requirements, I am required to complete a practicum (work experience) to gain practical experience within a professional setting. With that, there are two reasons why I chose Calgary as my destination. One, my partner moved to Calgary for a job so I wanted to support her anyway I could, and two to create some change in my life and step out of my comfort zone. I never ever thought I would be moving cities just because it is a huge transition and all my family is in Regina. Considering my family is small and so close this is extra challenging at times but I am thankful for the technology nowadays to keep in touch and stay connected.

This type of experience is an ongoing transition and will take a while to get settled in. However, I am enjoying the journey thus far and can’t wait to start my career as a professional kinesiologist and enrich the lives of others through health and exercise.

Matthew P – INLIV

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