There aren’t too many things more Canadian than hockey and although this story includes the great game, it is all about Canadian spirit being displayed beyond our borders! Where ever you go, Canadian spirit follows you. But when Canadians go somewhere to take in an international hockey tournament, that spirit multiplies quickly!

A few years ago, a couple of friends and I thought we would take a trip over the holidays to Davos Switzerland to take in the Spengler Cup and cheer on Team Canada! The trip alone was amazing but what happened was over and above. We ended up knowing a player and Hockey Canada got word that we had made the trip to take in the tournament. The generosity was incredible. Without any expectations we were treated like the player’s families. Team meals, tickets, the new years eve party, and perhaps the most fun was when a representative came to get us after the last game to go down to the dressing room to celebrate with the team! No one had to do all this but we couldn’t help but feel they were doing what they could to take care of their fellow Canadians.

To end, I should note that I managed to convince my wife to go cheer on Team Canada at the World Hockey Championships this May! It actually wasn’t hard…she had no issue taking her Canada jersey to Paris.

Brad B – INLIV

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