As I have had the pleasure of traveling across Canada on her 150th birthday, the values that hold our country together have become increasingly self-evident. They are, in fact, the very same values that built our company, Triovest. These values have been established through the most adverse conditions, whether it was the earliest arrival of settlers from France and the British Isles in the 16th century, or the bloodshed in Europe over two world wars.

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I have had over the last six months, to meet hundreds of people from across our country at 17 separate town halls. This experience has given me a more extensive understanding of our common ground as a company, and as nation. Our common ground is built on values, values which transcend all our most striking differences, such as race, religion, and individual background.

The most common value we share is hard work. Forged through early mornings working the fields, all-nighters at the office, and digging trenches in France. It is impossible to have any complacency when imminent death seeks you out, which was the case for so much of our history. As a result, hard work never goes out of style. As a company we have not only survived, but thrived, because of our ability to out-work our opponents.

There is a definable sense of earnestness in both our country and our company. This is evident everywhere from Victoria, to Montreal. We are honest people, sincere people, with a common goal of success and well-being. Triovest has offered thousands of people from all walks-of-life the opportunity to pursue these goals and thrive in a competitive business environment. Canada has done the exact same on a national scale for millions of people.

For centuries, our values have created prosperity and well-being for people from all over the world. So long as we keep to our values, our company and our country will continue to flourish.

Alan M – Triovest

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