I was fortunate to spend my childhood growing up in the sunny Okanagan of British Columbia.  Swimming, boating, and lazing on the beach were daily activities during the summer months as temperatures were typically in the 40o range. One summer, when I was about 6 years old, my parents decided to take us on a last minute summer vacation to Jasper to experience the Columbia Icefields. Trying to get a family of six ready for anything is not an easy feat, never mind on short notice.  While my dad busily got the car ready, my mom packed the food and essential items needed for our journey.  My siblings and I were asked to pack our own clothes and anything else we wanted to bring, ensuring that we packed appropriate footwear to take part in the glacier adventure.   Remembering I was 6, and like most children at this age, I had a favorite pair of shoes…black patent dress shoes with a buckle on top… so I threw them in!! I’m guessing probably not what my mom meant when she said “appropriate footwear”…

The road trip went without incident, arriving midday at the Icefields.  When my dad opened the trunk to the car so we could all put our shoes on, I excitedly grabbed my beautiful patent dress shoes, only to realize…I had accidentally packed two left feet!!  You see, my mom would always buy things in threes, one for each of us girls (I have two older sisters), which often meant that I would wear the same thing, whether it be shoes or clothes, for a few consecutive years as they made their way down the line.  On that particular day, the shoes were neatly lined up on the boot shelf except in…two lefts and two rights.  Now, back to the Icefields…I of course started to cry, but, my best friend, AKA my big brother, came to my rescue and told me it didn’t matter if I walked a bit funny, or fell a bit behind, he would be right there beside me to help me along the way.  I think he just wanted an excuse to lag behind, but nonetheless he made me feel better.

The moral of my story is, always embrace the things you love, it doesn’t matter which direction your feet are pointed, or the challenges and journey it might take to get where you want to go, if you have the support of your family and friends, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying the spectacular beauty of this country we call home!!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!

Pam W – Coril Holdings Ltd.



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