At INLIV we are fortunate to not only help clients prepare for milestone fitness events in their lives, but also participate alongside them.

In June of 2016 the INLIV team joined clients on the “Branch Out Bike Tour” in Panorama BC. This 100km bike ride raises money to support research for neurological disorders and is one of our main charities we support in our fundraising efforts. The INLIV team showed up as we generally do… LOUD and YELLOW. We had enough volunteers to set up our own aid station handing out candy before the last 20km of hill climbing.

My personal preparation was a bit underwhelming compared to that of our clients and other team members. I dubbed my training plan the “0 – 50 – 100” split. Broken down this not-so-comprehensive training plan was essentially:

1) 0- Do no riding
2) 50- Do 1 x 50km ride
3) 100- Join the tour and hold on for the 100k ride

Thankfully my commitment to fundraising was greater than that of my training and I exceeded my fundraising goal!

The weekend was full of good times and was overall a huge success. We were asked by the Branch Out Foundation to participate again this coming summer and the team is already planning how to make an even bigger contribution.

This year’s Branch Out Bike Tour happens two weeks before Canada’s 150th and is the perfect way for us to ring in such a milestone year for our country.

People coming together for a good cause, supporting one another and working through a little struggle are themes I hope Canadians continue for the next 150 years.

Cary B. – INLIV


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