Today, my boyfriend and I hiked Volcan Maderas, a dormant volcano on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. The guide books describe it as an extremely strenuous 18km hike, taking eight hours and not for inexperienced hikers. TJ and I did not bat an eye at the description with the arrogant reasoning that we were from Canada and accustomed to tough hikes in the Rocky Mountains. So we put on our Nikes, packed sandwiches and six liters of water and left with our guide for a casual stroll up a volcano.

It was literally so hard – by far the most tiring hike we have ever done, with a 1384m elevation gain in 34 degree heat. I found myself contemplating the probability of having a heart attack at age 23. You could not hear the birds chirping or monkeys howling over the sound of our heavy breathing and relentless complaining.

Needless to say we were humbled by the experience. Still proud to be Canadian and our fun in the Rockies, but perhaps a wee bit more modest…

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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