Being an avid waterfowl hunter, I had a bucket list item of venturing to the Canadian prairie pothole region on a hunting trip. As it turns out, I made it to the region, but on a Loram specialty grinder not as a hunter. It was back in 2007 aboard MPC1 just outside of Bigger, Saskatchewan when these two worlds met…kind of. I remember the first crisp fall morning heading to the machine and seeing a large flock of several hundred snow geese in an adjacent field to our tie up location. As we fired up the machine and began our daily brake test, the moment we tested our horns, the flock came alive and started to take flight. As we went about getting track time and grinding crossing after crossing (roughly 50 that day if I recall) the flock of snow geese followed us. At each cycle of our horn at a crossing, the geese made an about face and headed straight for the machine. All told, this unique water fowler turned rail grinder story went on for nearly a week. Never did see those geese again near as I can tell. Today, the bucket list item remains with a new sense of what may lie ahead when I get there. Can’t wait!

Kevin B – Loram Maintenance of Way

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