Last night Jeff and I decided to take Madeline out to Pyramid Lake to see the stars. When we got there, we met up with Marcelo, who had traveled to Jasper from California. He left his job 10 months ago (he had been a high school teacher for the past 10 years). During his journey he had stayed away from listening to the news this entire time as he had become so disheartened with where his country was going. We didn’t have the heart to say just how bad it was…just that we are so happy to be living here, in such an amazing country. We told him we were happy he could explore our country.
While it was a fascinating conversation, our goal was to provide Madeline a night she would never forget. We laid out our sleeping bags and looked up. We were simply in awe. Madeline snuggled so closely to us and was so quiet we thought she had fallen asleep. And then the most beautiful moment happened; all three of us saw the same falling star and became very excited!! I told her to make a wish. She wishes to be a Doctor and a Boat Driver. She asked what our wish was and we said that she would always remember this moment. She responded with…”Don’t worry mommy, I will never forget.”

Today, on our way home we asked her what her favourite part of the trip was. She said “The falling star, I didn’t forget mom.”

Michelle B – INLIV

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